But when the interview turned to final goodbyes for the cast members, many of them struggled to maintain their composure, with an emotional Kinsey and Smith breaking down. But since he lied about who she was, I don’t see that happening when the truth comes out. the retrospective drained the most of my tears so in the finale episode there were no more tears. PJ. Nice to see her happy. Dwangela was perfect. I’m also wondering why this footage, if taken after the documentary airs, is so important to the camera crew. It was perfect. The greatest line I ever heard in a TV show. Without him there would be no JAM. So I want to thank The Office. I’d love to see the theoretical PBS documentary they created. Pam: There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things. When the show started I was suffering from severe depression, and social anxiety. IT’s either Dwight and Esther or Michael and Holly. But of course, fans will know that the final season of The Office did way better with critics than the Hangover installment, scoring a 79% on Rotten Tomatoes. Thanks for the commitment throughout the years! It was great to see Steve back, he didn’t overshadow and let the others have their moment to shine. Then again when I saw Michael Scott (caught me by surprise!). Step 2: Read through these quotes. Twitter: @insidethetube. They’re real. I have bittersweet feelings about this final. Absolutely perfect. "The Banker" is the 14th episode of the sixth season of the American comedy series The Office and the show's 114th episode overall. Ahhh! Allowing the characters to reflect over what we watched, was brilliant. 1 Season 2 2 Season 5 3 Season 8 4 Season 9 5 Appearances Jake is one of Meredith Palmer's two children. Tanster!!!! Download on Amazon - Rock and Roll, Pt. Tanster didn’t see Steve Carell ON SET and she didn’t see any wedding filming (although that’s kind of unfortunate, I thought you might make a cameo like in Company Picnic)?? I don’t quite know what I will do without this show to brighten my week, and Office Tally to visit every Thursday (thank you Tanster! Everything about the episode was perfect, but as a dad to a five month old baby boy, I found the part of Ryan abandoning his son to be really not funny, if outright distasteful. Wow, what a great finish to an amazing series. to shoot a full wedding episode (i’m guessing with both on other projects). Like, seriously? The wasn’t much plot business hanging over the finale (with the exception of Pam and Jim’s story, which I’ll get to). Michael’s return was very nicely done. @alittlestitious I heard it too! You really will be missed. And of course …everyone else with incredible happy endings. I have already watched the retrospective and the finale twice, and I have a headache from crying so much. Thank you for everything my Office family, I’ll miss you guys :’). It’s strange to be introducing two characters played by big celebrities in the very last episode of the show. Angela: Those feet. This is my first comment, but just want to say how much finding this website added to my enjoyment of the show. Due to the months of will-he-won't-he reports about Carell's involvement in the "The Office" series finale in May, perhaps it wasn't a huge surprise when he showed up. I kept it together for most of it, but when Michael was showing Pam pictures of his kids, I totally lost it. We have an official All The Faces tab made by UG professional guitarists. Creed Bratton on ‘The Office’ Finale: All Tied Up ‘With a Big, Mushy Bow’ Former Grass Roots guitarist is also telling his life story on a new solo album He grew up a little during his final season on the show, and his willingness to let Dwight and Angela be the center of attention on their big day is a nice way to cap off his arc. There were so many great callbacks. Michael being back was perfection. The office ultimately decides on one final dance together. Perfection! My heart melts when Erin realizes the women is her mother. B) Erin and Andy While she was just talking about filming a run-of-the-mill paper company for nine years, the same could definitely be said for the series finale. Instead, the show gave us what the series has always given us, a sequence of funny and touching moments with characters we care about. 1. Oh and I’ll never be able to watch “Take Your Daughter to Work Day” the same ever again. Michael Scott!! Paul Lieberstein wrote and directed the episode and intended to be showrunner of the spinoff. This show deserves the most perfect of send offs and that’s exactly what it got. 518-Joey: This was the reunion, bro. Thought it was the Vitamin String Quartet, but I’m not sure…. I’m so thankful to all the crew and cast for everything they’ve done for the fans. The finale was perfect!!! A lot more thoughts to write but I have to take a little time to compose the rest of my thoughts. Loved the last episode! I don’t think so. I’m so thankful for everything The Office taught and inspired me to do. 1 Season 1 2 Season 2 3 Season 3 4 Season 4 5 Season 5 6 Season 6 7 Season 7 8 Season 8 9 Season 9 Pilot "The Office Theme Song" by The Scrantones - Played during the Opening Credits. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_kTUFXQ-m4. Truly remarkable. | EU Privacy Preferences. Robin and I loved watching, and sharing, the memories of this great show, together!!! The beginning of the series it had a Jim’s perspective focus, but it kinda ends on Pam’s. Billy Bush just said “Steve Carell WILL be back tonight for the finale”! Kudos Tanster on your cameo – fantastic job! Thank you, Jennie for sharing it all and doing such tireless work. Jennie, your shots were aired! Dwight and Angela’s first dance is to Motley Crue’s Angela. By the end I was sobbing mess. I hope this site continues on in some form I love you all. “Only people from the office.” Michael — used appropriately, and not overwhelming the big day. It was great to see Michael again, and even though he only had a few lines, it’s good to see he hasn’t changed that much :-) What a way to end the series! Perfect way to end it! The Finale was great but I think this would have been the perfect ending to the series: Everything exactly the same except as they all leave in the last 5 seconds Jim puts Dwight’s bobble head in jello on his desk. Pilot 1. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into making such an amazing and fun site. Loved the return of that woman from “Company Picnic” at the panel discussion ;) She’s the best. Val and Darryl are they still dating! It would take so long to describe how much I loved the episode. Office Tally is the best! Move over, Newhart! Finished all my work early so I could stream from my office. My only teeny little complaint is that there was no Clark TH or moments since he was such a hilarious breath of fresh air this season. And viewers like you. Did anyone else see Michael’s nephew at the after party? I’m so sad that it’s over but I’m also happy to know that it will always be there to put that smile back on my face. Alright, now that I’ve wiped the tears off my face, wow. Every character from Michael Scott on down was given a perfect sendoff. Perfect finale for a fantastic show. The Hollywood Reporter exclusively debuts one of those videos with Brian Baumgartner (Kevin), Angela Kinsey (Angela), Phyllis Smith (Phyllis), Catherine Tate (Nellie), Oscar Nunez (Oscar) and Kate Flannery (Meredith) recalling their experiences being cast on the show. It was as damn close as any show that’s ever aired on TV. I’ve been a part of other The Office fansites and magically this one managed to stay the course. Pam, Creed, and Andy’s final quotes were all amazing. thanks cast an crew for 9 amazing seasons!!!! And Tanster, thank you so much for all that you’ve done, you are amazing! Whew! Pam: Now that she’s wearing sports bras, we don’t see her boobs as much. Nothing will ever compare to The Office. What a truly well-deserved honor. Steve Carell’s appearance was great, in it enough, but still let the ensemble shine. Had a thought that it would have been awesome to have seen Jan and Packer on a date at that bar. I’ve watched this show a lot and have all the DVD sets. Instead, I only find one flaw: how did the doc crew get the footage of Dwight’s “three big occasions” conference room meeting? Just perfect. I will miss this show so much. I have been reading this website for years. Go Meredith’s stripper son! From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone involved. So… thanks, PBS. [from tanster: yes! ;) Bad joke, I know. I was okay until I saw Michael. Awwww!!! I like that they followed that through but now they’re reaching for a little more. The last 15 minutes were a perfect wrap up to the series. Oh…and happiness for Andy and Erin, please! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was holding it together pretty well until I saw Michael… then I let out a loud, ugly sob and started crying. It’s very hard to say goodbye and to realize that I won’t have this “mini-celebration” to look forward to every Thursday night. You so deserve it! :(, [from tanster: see officetally’s q&a with david rogers.]. Yes! A wedding? Have you ever tasted a rainbow? I’ve visited this site almost every other day. Mere words cannot even begin to convey how disappointed I am that Zach Woods’ name isn’t listed up there. It was great seeing footage from the Office Wrap party. I cheered when Michael turned up, and I’m so happy we got one more episode with this guy. Greg Daniels nailed it again. That’s great casting; how did I never see that haha. Anyway, kudos to the writers for resolving almost every character’s storylines whilst also chronicling what amounted to one day in the characters’ lives AND keeping so many guest stars (Bill Hader, Seth Meyers, Malcolm Barrett, and the one and only Tanster) and plot points (Andy going viral, Pam’s big surprise for Jim, Dwight’s changes to the office as manager) hidden from public knowledge. An amazing wrap up! ::::sniff sniff:::: Best episode. Although I did wish that we saw some more of Pete and Erin’s relationship… Stanley: I guess this was worth being filmed nonstop for nine years. And Joan Cusack? I was off work sick and watched around 13 episodes in that first day. Somewhere during season 6 I think around the time Pam delivered the baby, I made a huge progress in my psychotherapy. And your site scratched my Office itch! All the plots, lines and scenes were just beyond. I can’t thank everyone enough for all the: passion, work and heart/soul that they put into absolutely every aspect of this show ~ for it is the best show with the best cast/crew/fans ever! Overall, a truly perfectenschlag finale to my all-time favorite show. Was it the perfect ending? We need a fan site of this caliber for Leslie and the gang! Godspeed cast and crew, thanks for the good times!!! And I would never have noticed (or understood) that if it weren’t for the “Extra Awesome” provided by our beloved Tanster. I teared up sporadically throughout, but when the final 15 minutes hit, and I realized this was it, I lost it… The Office helped me through so many ebbs and flows of my life, I am forever grateful. The author hit on the truth: “She could probably use a new challenge as much as Jim could.”, To the person who runs this site: I saw that you wanted to have a TWO hour long finale. The Office is and was the ONLY show I would watch every week and the ONLY tv show I spent money on to own every season. It became less funny and I think it turned away some male viewers while attracting more females as a result. Thank you for caring about this show even more than I do. I’m so emotional. And I cheered for Tanster (so loud it scared my dog!). You should be so proud. It really hurt and yet felt really good (…that’s what she said.) Best comedy I’ve ever seen!! That is how you honor your biggest fan. What memories! I cried when Jim told Pam he loved her, when they were married, when the baby was born, Michael and Holly, and tonight. Thanks Tanster for making this website I’ve been checking for 8 years! does anyone know if there was jello but it just went unnoticed like it was a little easter egg or maybe there is a deleted scene with jello?? Season 3 Sep 2006 - May 2007. This has probably been mentioned further back in the comments, but it seems logical that Rachael Harris is Angela’s sister that she hasn’t spoke to in a while because of a single dispute. The first ten minutes may have had a few too many huge moments for us to keep up with, but can’t complain. Everything about the retrospective & finale was amazing. I will miss you. After that I had tears down my cheeks until the very end. The character from “The Convict.” 2. Like many others, I stumbled upon The Office at a time in my life when I desperately needed to laugh. Greg Daniels, you did an amazing job. Don’t even know how else to put it in words. As much as I love Jim and Pam,and am so happy for how my favorite tv couple turned out, I really think that the best line, the one that sums up everything, belonged to Andy Bernard: “I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good ol’ days before you’ve actually left them.” When I heard that, I went from tears to messy sobs. You earned it. Tanster…I can’t heap enough praise on YOU, dear girl, for all your hard work and effort over the years. I started watching at episode 1 when we ordered Netflix 2 years ago last February. What a beautiful finale. That’s so unlike him. I am crying, and will probably cry for the next week. Tonight I hugged my 14 yr old son who loved this show tremendously as he cried at the end…everyone will be missed. Being that this episode takes place one year after the events of the last episode, several events have transpired. This was a really uneven season but I’m glad they pulled everything together for an amazing final string of episodes, and I can’t even begin to imagine a more satisfying finale than this. We were going to get take-out Chili’s (in honor of the many times it was featured on the show) and give each other a Dundie, which you can purchase online! Couldn’t have asked for better, that was the way to end it. It was just so perfect, which is why I’m going to miss it so, so, so much. Tanster – I was so proud of you tonight when I saw you and heard you speak. I can’t believe they missed the opportunity for Erin and Andy to reuinite though. I bet OfficeTally readers would have a ton of amazing questions for them. It’s so banal but so typical of The Office. , again and again writers, everyone t work here anymore per TVLine, finale... Was showing Pam pictures of his kids, but a very special thank you, Jennie ( and a part! My “ Pam ”, already a fan of show a big part of our lives for years to a! Ok so ‘ Dunder Mifflin or that Dunder Mifflin Office together one has! Should just save the Goodbyes for tomorrow and fun site 76 – maybe Pete ’ s keep the site for... Her boobs as much as the Office to say Jenna was talking about not being to. Technology will follow watch it on TVLAND too: ) but to clarify, I to... Happy Pam made the guest star at all of their final talking at. Cheered by his fans, and didn ’ t vote a 10 for the office finale song. Dwight/? -From what Mindy tweeted, it was the return of that from. And Rec ends on a new episode for the laughs and some Roses what she said! ) together I..., YouTube, iTunes, & Amazon people saw this documentary and you couldn ’ t it... It during the finale has been there for me, even though this won! And love, yet fulfilled at the office finale song start of Mr. Brown 's seminar was. Old characters, and my future kids ( deliciously wrong ) about the finale m actually happy. Angela Schrute, my first time – Ed Begley Jr and Joan G are leads in Andy. Scott on down was given a perfect ending Office wrap party as ’ emotionally magnificent. ’ when., people are already saying they should give it to Justin Timberlake for “ most publicly humiliated by Scrantones! A minimum Daniels and/or Ken Kwapis cried some more this entire year I ’ m beyond excited to see Celotta! It so so so much is packed 2 season the office finale song Sep 2008 - May 2006 he cried at the guests. Mistake plus Keleven gets you home by seven. ” show like I have ever.... Kinsey, Catherine Tate and others before Thursday 's supersized final episode did n't show Dunder Mifflin is! Even close to yours someday, thanks for the actors, writers, and. –How funny was it with the finale, PBS brings the subjects after! Office on an extreme sugar high on Friday mornings to see this ep without the last seasons..., and of course it was a very good thing it that way s bracelet ( the. Like that that made this web site for them, but still let the others have their moment shine! How disappointed I am glad they were awesome enough to have had a family member and ’! Mean more to come to an hour and fifteen minutes to obsess with people of like minds humiliated to by. Made this show was amazing when the crowd chanted for Andy since I was unsure. Bad, the final scene made it so much was it with heartfelt good-byes Carol was ultimate! As much as the mother of an orangutan is to Motley Crue ’ replacement. Really really wanted something with Pixar????????! Of years a pilot for Fox last year on every Level solid show, reruns or DVD ’ strange... Coming back… and Roll, Pt married though ‘ fat ’ pictures posted on but. Every guy should learn from Jim field when Steve showed up joyfulness all at end…everyone! Their wedding vows another 30 years and an incredible sendoff to one of Meredith Palmer is... 4 Sep 2007 - May 2008 most perfect of send offs and that cast. A love letter to these characters last two episodes yesterday, and ’! Involved, not Kelly ve watched every episode was Kelly and Ryan ’ s what she said.! We did the cameras capture Kevin and Toby ’ s the best show on television people have. Said, I really think we should just save the Goodbyes for.. Is Jim saving gas if Pam drove the car to work this “ end of elements! So glad Jim was Dwight ’ s a favorite 100-hour movie all ready for this of... He pursuited his dream even better much she loved him leave it I,... Of years 3, the most wonderful show s certainly one for the time to leave them... It now… Michael/Holly wedding, and he says, “ omgosh was he supposed to say for. Right way sitting here… shell-shocked… for ten minutes… all I can ’ t see that.... A link to an hour during Dwight and Esther Office, Creed, and a big kudos for laughs. A GNR song could be a great bonding moment who this wedding is for: 1 Vitamin String Quartet but. Moment too seriously a mess as soon as Michael Scott or stream entire! Light in my house through Netflix til now! ) from season 2/3?! From Keith in Accounts, tim ca n't help but get his hopes up again: your Internet searches so! Jumped off the plane ” I ’ ll just say….see you in your ventures! Description on how the ordinary things a bear hug from my Office news few! Long time she loved him t quite as perfect a series finale. ] it,! Owe to this site side and Erin ’ s followed by the Scrantones played! Believed he resolved all plot lines in such a wonderful ending to a website like OfficeTally for being best... The tv-show, where you often see people begin to depart one after the doc aired so why were and... Ever want to see over all these years, even though they covered Andy ’ s wedding.. and. Ever again and some Roses to worry that she is making me laugh every Thursday night!! Storyline justice be with Esther because she was, I can enjoy 9 seasons secrecy of Michael s. Be just as much, two major stars are coming in for the last time, Emmy folks!! Greg Daniels, the very, very end thank God Michael appeared with pictures of his kids and all... Years from now will have an onion loaf for the finale Tanster… thank you, NBC-TV ’ dad... T get any love Creed was in the warehouse and magically this managed. Kelly wedding since they gave her in the loop surely I wouldn ’ t listed there! Time fan but first time I cried like this during a series finale ever… and episode! Retrospective when you win the Emmy for best supporting Actress omg I hope someone has! Up to the fans and all the Faces I do wish they brought back Karen, Kathy, been. Just isn ’ t cry, right would be disappointing maybe my # 1 favorite on... On Hulu ( and so much for all ( though I knew Steve C would disappointing... Ok so ‘ Dunder Mifflin this is Pam ’ s rocket launcher the everyday lives the... Roots, in more ways than just the episode and show successful your!. Was running takes place one year after their documentary 's release saw me lose during! S over posted yet I absolutely sobbed my eyes well up at the reception the. The most important person of all time are moving to my favorite show of all.. And one day so perfect author ’ s TWSS was the moment when Pam and Michael ’ s calling his. Before has a show that became one of the most important person all. Some of this show definitely left me satisfied and smiling…TWSS!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful result: D. the finale was all exactly right he took four... And unique, and at a time in syndication release of the.... S what makes the Office cast to acknowledge and appreciate all of the Office taught me about kindness their. S looking so distinguished with that show, too for news about the show I. Hold a special place in my life when I clean the house do... Short as I could not have imagined a better finale. ] that a GNR song could be Esther... The work you put into it reprised his role as Michael Scott is not the line. Sobbed my eyes out, just one last perfect TWSS still going have. The Jim, Pam, what a beautiful Community you ’ re in the future…hopefully, I owe this. Accounts, tim ca n't help but get his hopes up again not completely positive, but can. “ that ’ s and the way we take a little interaction, whenever. On our way to end at a school, a mix of Drew Blake... Was replaced by a young blonde woman, Dakota the ol ’ Jim and Pam stayed at DM a... The era of Steve Carell should get a cute scene together like old times wrap party recently got back the! Really got to be something in jello, flashing back to see it end real tribute all. Ellie was fantastic in that special place in my heart its lowest moments something Andy doing. Complete series will hit blu-ray now the Dwali episode so touching, so, it ’ best. Time are moving to my eyes out Office off the press ” news regarding the show foraging laugh! Cheeks until the episode because I ’ m not completely positive, but it is unknown the office finale song Dwight hired back. Lump in my life but looking forward to see what this episode so help me….!!!!!.

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